99 Ways to Make a Flight Attendant Fly--Off the Handle!
By JoAnn Kuzma Deveny

New revised edition!

Award-winning Finalist in Midwest Book Awards & Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award!

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I Am Widow, Hear Me Roar

Tales from the passenger cabin are a must-read!
--Neal St. Anthony, columnist Minneapolis Star Tribune 
...a very true and revealing look into the experiences of flight attendants. 99 Ways...is right on the mark. A must-read for both the airline employees and especially the flying public. Thank you, JoAnn! 
--Timothy Sneer, 25-year flight attendant
Whether you fly once a year or 60,000 miles as I do, you'll enjoy Deveny's 99 Ways...  The suggestions and vignettes in this book are logical and realistic. The way they are presented kept me laughing from the beginning to the end. This is the perfect gift for the traveler in your life!
--Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews Host
I received this book from a co-worker for my birthday. It made me chuckle so much. Why? Because it's SO true! If you really want to know what not to do on an airplane, this is the book for you. All the missteps are presented in a witty and entertaining format that definitely explains why things annoy us!
 --A.D. Eads, flight attendant

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