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When Bluebirds Fly: Losing a Child, Living With Hope

This award-winning read is a true, reflective account of a family's struggles to find joy & hope after a horrific tragedy, the drowning death of a child. 

Written in the form of creative non-fiction, this unique narrative tells the story through intriguing viewpoints of a father, mother, sibling, as well as testimonials from the babysitter and first-responders.

Spiritual, heavenly signs inspire the reader as the story unfolds all the way to the surprising conclusion.

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Released in 2018! I Am Widow, Hear Me Roar: Reflections of a Surviving Spouse

After finding herself suddenly widowed at the age of 47, JoAnn revisits the familiar aspects of her grief--she has definitely look through these clouds before.

While she narrates her journey with a widow's painful perspective and advice, she also relays the humorous dilemmas that a single mother and middle-aged woman must confront.

She discovers that God really does have a sense of humor.